Tiggywinklers will reopen for learners on Thursday 9 July.
The school will reopen in two stages: Thursday 9July – Grade R
Monday 13 July – Toddlers, Juniors, Grade 00 and Grade 000

Tiggywinklers are committed to keeping our children safe and happy and keeping things as normal as possible.

Helena Thompson is our Compliance officer. She will oversee the implementation of the school’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
Tiggywinklers is fully registered with the Department of Social Development as well as the Department of Health.
The school has been deep cleaned and sanitized by a professional company. All surfaces that are touched will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. All outside and inside equipment will be sanitized after every use. At the end of each day all areas will be sanitized so that it is ready for the next day. The Staff will assist the children with regular hand washing and enforcing social distancing. The children will practice how to cough and how to greet each other so as to not spread any infections.

Parents are advised that it is the sole decision of them as Parent or Legal Guardian to let their child/children return to school. Should they decide their child is not ready to return due to underlying health issues or anxiety we will continue to provide online teaching to allow all children to keep up with the curriculum. Parents are sent an indemnity form and checklist to be completed, signed and handed in on the first day of school. It is very important that we have the Parent/Legal Guardian’s correct personal details as well as a second person’s details if we need to contact Parents.

Operating hours:

Our operating hours had to be adjusted to comply with all health and safety measures
Half day: 07h00 – 13h30/14h00
Full day: 07h00 – 16h00
All children have to arrive at school by 08h30 for screening to be done. If children arrive after this time the Parent will have to ring the bell to inform us so that we can complete the necessary screening.

School feeding:

Due to the strict protocols regarding the serving of food no food will be served at school until further notice. The school fees will be adjusted accordingly in this regard.
All children must have breakfast at home before coming to school. Parents have to pack two lunchboxes – one for lunch and one for snack time. The lunchboxes must be clearly marked. There will be no plastic cups outside the classrooms any more so each child has to bring a marked water bottle. When a child leaves in the afternoon their lunchboxes and water bottle will be sanitized before it gets packed back into their bags. All lunchboxes and water bottles must be washed before sending it to school the next day

School fees:

School fees are adjusted as follows:
Full day: R4 000 per month
Half day: R3 400 per month
Full day 3 days a week: R2 600 per month
Half day 3 days a week: R2 200 per month

What to do at home before coming to school

Each Parent will receive a health check form that should be used each morning before coming to school. This form will help Parents to check if their child is showing any Covid-19 symptoms. Parents are encouraged to make this a calm part of their morning routine. If the answer to any of the questions is yes the child/children are not allowed to be brought to school. NO SICK CHILDREN MAY BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL.
The Staff made a video that Parents can show to your child/children. Parents are encouraged to watch this with their child/children. This will help the children to understand what is going to happen when they arrive at school.


All Parents and Staff members must wear a mask at all times. No adult or children older than 5 years will be allowed inside the school without a mask. If a child forgot their mask the school will provide them with a cloth mask.
Children under the age of 5 are not required to wear a mask as there is a high risk of infection due to the incorrect use thereof. This is in accordance to the Standard Operating Procedures of the Department of Social Development.
Grade R children must wear a mask/face shield at all times. More direction will be given to them in their class letter.
If children other than Grade R arrive at school wearing a mask it will be safely taken off and stored in their school bag once they are inside. These must to be taken out of the bags at home and washed.
Parents are encouraged to practice using a mask correctly with their children at home. This will also be done at school during class activities.

Arrival at school:

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • All children must arrive between 07h00 and 08h30.
  • Line up outside the school practicing social distancing – follow the markers on the floor (1,5m).
  • At the first gate Parents and children’s hands will be sanitized.
  • Move to the screening table where a Teacher will ask the Parent questions about their child’s health.
  • The child/children’s temperature will be taken and recorded.
  • If a Parent answer yes to any of the questions, or if their child’s temperature is higher than 37.8 degrees the child may not enter the school.
  • The child/children will now move to the second gate where the Parent will say goodbye. NO PARENTS OR VISITORS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE SCHOOL.
  • Parents will exit through the car park gate (follow the markers on walls).
  • The child/children will be taken into the school by a staff member and escorted to their class.
  • The teacher will take the child/children to wash their hands. Their bags, linen and lunchboxes will be sanitized and placed into their lockers.
  • Separate letters will be sent to each class outlining procedures in the different classrooms.
  • If a child arrived without an adult a Staff member will do a separate screening with the child.


Departure from school

No Parents/Visitors are allowed inside the school (except for essential maintenance staff)

  • All parents must wear a mask.
  • Parent’s hands will be sanitized at the first gate.
  • A staff member will ring the bell to indicate to the staff inside that there is a Parent to fetch their child.
  • The child/children’s hands will be washed.
  • Lunchboxes, water bottles, linen and bags will be sanitized.
  • The child/children will be brought to the Parent at the gate.
  • Exit through the car park gate.

Maintenance people/visitors need to make prior arrangements before arriving at school. Upon arrival they will be screened before entering the school. A visitor’s book will be completed. Masks must be worn at all times.

Sick children/Staff:

If a child shows any symptoms during the day their Parents will be contacted immediately to fetch them.
Sick children will be given a surgical mask and be kept in the sick room (the room next to the office) until the Parent arrives.
No child will be left alone in the sick room.
If a Staff member gets sick they will be given a surgical mask and isolated until they can go for treatment. The Health department will be informed of any positive cases. The school will be closed and sanitized before reopening.
No child or staff member may return to school until they have a doctor’s certificate stating that they are healthy.

Symptoms related to COVID-19:

Fever higher than 37.8 degrees
Dry cough
Sore throat
Body aches
Loss of smell or taste
Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea
Fatigue, weakness or tiredness

Social distancing:

There are markings inside the school, on the playground and outside to indicate social distancing. The staff will be using markers and hula hoops to help keep a meter distance between children inside the classrooms. The children will be guided with practical activities on how to practice social distancing. The teachers will send more details in their class letters.

Other changes at school:

The sandpits have been emptied and are closed up.
No face cloths or towels will be used. There are paper towel dispensers in the bathrooms.
No soft toys are allowed.
The fantasy corners have been packed away.
All learning and teaching materials that can not be safely used or disinfected are packed away.
Social distancing markers are used inside and outside the school.
No outings, shows or extra murals are allowed at school.
Speech therapy and play therapy will have to be done at the relevant practices.
No artwork may be sent home so the Teachers will take pictures and send it to the Parents.
No waste materials may be sent to school.
All bedding will be sent home every day. This has to be washed and sent back to school the next day.
The windows and doors will be open for ventilation – Parents must dress their child/children warmly. No heaters or fans will be used.

The staff and management understand how difficult it is for Parents to send their children back to school. We are committed to giving all the emotional support Parents and the children may need during this time. Additional support from our Play therapist will be arranged if needed. The Staff members are all willing and able to assist all Parents and children with any emotional support.
The staff members are still allowed to give comfort to the children if needed as long as it is done responsibly. So no children that are upset and need comforting will be left alone.

Each class will receive a letter with their class routine and operating procedures. Parents are encouraged to contact any staff member or management if they have any questions.