Tiggywinklers are committed to keeping our children safe and happy and keeping things as normal as possible.
Helena Thompson is our Compliance officer. She will oversee the implementation of the school’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Tiggywinklers is fully registered with the Department of Social Development as well as the Department of Health.

The school has been deep cleaned and sanitized by a professional company. All surfaces that are touched will be sanitized regularly throughout the day. All outside and inside equipment will be sanitized after every use. At the end of each day all areas will be sanitized so that it is ready for the next day. The Staff will assist the children with regular hand washing and enforcing social distancing. The children will practice how to cough and how to greet each other so as to not spread any infections.

Parents are advised that it is the sole decision of them as Parent or Legal Guardian to let their child/children return to school. Should they decide their child is not ready to return due to underlying health issues or anxiety we will continue to provide online teaching to allow all children to keep up with the curriculum. Parents are sent an indemnity form and checklist to be completed, signed and handed in on the first day of school. It is very important that we have the Parent/Legal Guardian’s correct personal details as well as a second person’s details if we need to contact Parents.

Operating hours:

Our operating hours had to be adjusted to comply with all health and safety measures
Half day: 07h00 – 14h00
Full day: 07h00 – 17h00

All children have to arrive at school by 08h30 for screening to be done. If children arrive after this time the Parent will have to ring the bell to inform us so that we can complete the necessary screening.

School fees:

School fees are adjusted as follows:
Full day: R4 300 per month
Half day: R3 700 per month
Full day 3 days a week: R2 900 per month
Half day 3 days a week: R2 500 per month

What to do at home before coming to school

Each Parent will receive a health check form that should be used each morning before coming to school. This form will help Parents to check if their child is showing any Covid-19 symptoms. Parents are encouraged to make this a calm part of their morning routine. If the answer to any of the questions is yes the child/children are not allowed to be brought to school. NO SICK CHILDREN MAY BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL.

The Staff made a video that Parents can show to your child/children. Parents are encouraged to watch this with their child/children. This will help the children to understand what is going to happen when they arrive at school.