Admission & Activities

School Fees for 2019

R600 for deposit and registration fee
R4 200 for a full day, every day (07h00 – 17h30)
R3 500 for half a day, every day (07h00 – 14h00)

Fees include: 

  • Breakfast, snack, lunch and afternoon snack
  • Holiday club fees
  • Art and stationary supplies

The Junior and Toddler Classes can choose a 3-day week option:


R2 800 for a full day, 3 days a week
R2 300 for half a day, 3 days a week


Tiggywinklers has a Junior School and a Senior School.

All new children are developmentally assessed to determine which class they are best suited to.
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  • Toddlers from 18 months are accepted.
  • Children up to 7 years are admitted.
  • The medium of instruction is English.
  • Christian principles will be applied in the education of your child.



Half-day: 07h00 to 14h00 Mon-Fri


Full-day: 07h00 to 17h30 Mon-Fri

  • The school will be closed for the December holidays.
  • The school generally follows the school terms and public holidays as stipulated by the Gauteng Education Department.
  • We reserve the right to close the school on certain days during the year, depending on circumstances and public holidays.
  • No child will be received before 07h00 in the mornings.
  • Fines will be levied if the school hours are exceeded.
  • Grade R children must be at school by 08h00.
  • Any telephone costs or fines incurred due to your exceeding school hours because of negligence on your part will be to your account.


  • Please notify the school secretary before 09h00 if your child will be absent for a day/a few days
  • ONE MONTH’S WRITTEN NOTICE is required when a child leaves the school.
  • December is not accepted as a notice month and is still payable.
  • The school must be notified of any unusual circumstances at home that may affect the child’s behaviour.
  • If your child is being seen by a behavioural-, physio-, occupational therapist etc, copies of such reports need to be made available to the school for our information.
  • The school must be notified of any change of address, telephone numbers, doctors or other relevant personal information.


  • Your child must be delivered to a member of staff in person each morning. Children may not be dropped off at the gate and left to enter the school on their own. This is vital for the safety and well-being of your child.
  • No responsibility will be accepted for children who are delivered before the arrival of a staff member in the morning or who are dropped off outside the school gate.
  • We encourage parents to say goodbye to their child when leaving home in the morning. Even if your child cries or appears upset when you leave him/her with the teacher, please take your leave quickly and kindly. If your child is still unhappy and upset after a reasonable amount of time, the school will call the parent to collect the child and discuss the matter further. While the parent is present, the child is unable to make the transition from home to school effectively. We have observed that once the parent has left, the child becomes absorbed in the school environment and is able to settle into the activities.
  • A staff member MUST be informed when your child is fetched from the school.


  • We will not allow your child to go home with any person other than those appointed by you on the registration form.
  • You are personally responsible to inform the school ahead of time if someone else has been given permission by you to collect your child.


  • Should any person be authorised by the parents to fetch their child at school, such authorisation should be given by the parent, either telephonically or in writing.
  • Please ring the bell at the gate to gain entrance to the school as the gate is locked for security.
  • Do not let your own or other children go in or out without supervision.
  • Hold onto your child’s hand in the driveway and on the pavement outside whenever you arrive at or leave the school.
  • Please inform the staff immediately of any suspicious persons/cars/ beggars or vagrants outside the school.
  • Do not allow any unknown person to enter the premises with you.
  • Please be alert to any suspicious activity in the environs of the school and inform the staff.


Although our curriculum is fully inclusive of activities to stimulate physical development, intellectual, creative and musical skills, Tiggywinklers offers the following extra-curricular activities:

  • Playball
  • Monkeynastics
  • Ballet
  • Judo
  • Computer lessons
  • Swimming
  • Science

Please note that the cost of these activities is not included in the school fees and must be paid for separately.


  • A menu will be e-mailed to you on a weekly basis.
  • Breakfast is served at 08h15. A mid-morning snack, cooked lunch and afternoon snacks are also provided.
  • Please inform the class teacher of any allergies or particular food dislikes.
  • Should the school be unable to cater to your child’s special dietary needs, you will be required to provide all meals and snacks at your own cost.


  • As your child’s birthday is a very special occasion, we try to make the day special with a crown and a birthday ring in class.
  • You are welcome to have a birthday party during the morning at school – please make arrangements well in advance with the class teacher.


A speech and language therapist visits the school weekly. Evaluations and lessons are provided for those children who require them.

Referrals to an occupational therapist can be provided for evaluations and therapy for those children experiencing developmental delays.

Therapy evaluations and lessons are billed separately by the therapists.